Sunday, March 13, 2011

Water Jet Cutting : Stone Cutting

Water Jet Cutting : Stone Cutting
The water jet cutting system, cutting stone or device may be one of the top innovations in technology stone cutting machine It started out as a very expensive way for rock cutting. But because of the piecemeal sale of equipment and services to increase the cut is actually inexpensive, and in many situations may help you save money.
Cut waterjet system can be used in many ways one way is to design the shape specific to the high cost as much or as it is impossible to do with other machines such as CNC, such as design capabilities are. made of wireless technology this limit is true. But in many cases, the resistance of the stone as the greatest constraint.
Use of stone in the engineering design, diving off a great asset; Resistance is high when compared with any natural stone anyone who has been working with stoneware products bear really knows you can actually cut 2 m 2 cm x 2 cm units, with good resistance to up the rock. especially the most natural marble or limestone only lift items that are long and thin to destroy it.

Waterjet cutting stone
The use of water jet cutting in the business of cut stone was seen as a potentially very But for normal day to day cut diamond disk is more cost effective to cut machine manufacturer has created a cutting rock hybrid that is both cutting discs and waterjet cutting off. Using these hybrid can really reduce the material loss, and if we are cut crystal countertops, savings are enormous.

When cutting with a diamond disc, most people may not be aware of this. But the disk that is larger than the diamond less efficient by cutting, not on quantity. However, the optimization of slab The picture you will notice that in order to cut the perfect means to the bottom of the disc to the right to the end of us to cut the disk size must be tailor-distance. Rectangle in the picture you will see a draft of procedures for cutting sheet rock with diamond cutting disc is a bit of experience and time required to resolve the points A and B, it is important for the dive off it is very easy to solve. Hybrid machine is easy to identify stress points and exchange them for cutting discs of water so you will have the most cutting disc Diamond score and your stress will be cut completely by diving. Registered cutting system
What to do normally in this situation, both pieces must be separated from each stage it is safe to cut. In this case, the slabs are large enough for doing this, but in many cases may not be possible. Although avoiding stress the distance will not resolve all the options that will turn your best tip of the polished slab, cut back the rough cut of the slab may not be completely hidden.

I can also see how to make another cut with a diamond disc ... I'll have to improve in this area, cutting disc, then do not cut the bottom (T position), but in X.
The CNC machines can solve this problem in time, however.
Water jet cutting system can be used in the design for The design of the floor, can be cut completely by using this type of technology. Need paper giant that does not have a template that will work anymore.


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