Friday, March 18, 2011

Maintenance of Water Jet Systems

Maintenance Waterjet cutting machine
As with any piece of equipment used in industry, waterjet cutting to maintain a regular basis to work at maximum efficiency. Maintenance can range from scuba diving off everyday tasks such as switching components injected with weekly or monthly, such as replacement of the pump. Primers, following in the maintenance of the water jet cutting.

Maintenance Waterjet cutting
- Frequency of maintenance is mainly based on the quality of water and pressure to which equipment is operated. Higher pressure and dirty water, or both, to make parts hard to break down more often. On the other hand, the water will help reduce downtime and frequency of maintenance.

- When replacing or repairing parts, be sure to clean them thoroughly before reassembling information-even a bit of dust and dirt can be a disaster jet and put more strain on the tube and mixed with other

- Run the machine at the lowest pressure possible to reduce the stress on the metal pipe. Although water will eventually have to change, lifetime can be extended significantly through the control of even low pressure. For applications such as cutting food that is not used contrary to this may be easier to use, such as glass or metal cutting.

- Fix leaks as soon as possible. Leak and cause corrosion of parts, they wear more quickly.

- Check regularly to prevent the cutting head does not put the point to begin to reduce fluctuations in the size It is also useful to log the number of hours in the cutting head and monitors performance to hours accumulated.

- Check for mixed obstruction especially if it is used for abrasive cutting process, such as granite.

- Replace the filter in the injection water as needed to maintain water quality.

- Check water pump, if possible diagnostic software. Pump is the heart of the jet cutting system and can cause a significant interruption in case of failure.

With regular care, maintenance, operators can take off and protect the best interests of this multi-purpose cutting.

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