Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disadvantages of waterjet cutting method

Among the methods of cutting are cut waterjet is a process used to machine the most useful that can be replaced easily for how to cut a lot more but it has some limitations to what Steve. It can be cut million profiles. And for those who trade on the waterjet metal cutting industry, it is necessary to realize these restrictions listed below are some points that will give a brief description of each.

Waterjet Cutting Machine
1. By using a metal cutting waterjet only a limited number of materials can be cut economic. It is one of the two main items of waterjet cutting. While it is possible to cut tool steel and other hard materials, cutting rates will drop dramatically and the time to cut the part may be very long. For this reason, waterjet cutting can be very expensive and valuable than other benefits offered.

2. One disadvantage more of how to cut water jet is that it is impossible to cut very thick, with a waterjet cut may be a problem in maintaining the correct dimensions of the metal to be cut If the part is too thick jet may spread to other parts and made it on the diagonal or cut steel to be cut more than at the bottom of the top It can also cause waves on the surface of the cutting chain.

3. taper is also a problem with the waterjet to cut very thick material. Slender steel is cut off from the aircraft when part of a different angle than it goes into a part and can cause incorrect dimensions. The deceleration of the head may reduce this. But it is still a problem.


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